graphenecommon.aio.wallet module

class graphenecommon.aio.wallet.Wallet(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: graphenecommon.wallet.Wallet

The wallet is meant to maintain access to private keys for your accounts. It either uses manually provided private keys or uses a SQLite database managed by

Parameters:keys (array,dict,string) – Predefine the wif keys to shortcut the wallet database


Wallet should be instantiated synchroously e.g.

w = Wallet()

Three wallet operation modes are possible:

  • Wallet Database: Here, the library loads the keys from the locally stored wallet SQLite database (see
  • Providing Keys: Here, you can provide the keys for your accounts manually. All you need to do is add the wif keys for the accounts you want to use as a simple array using the keys parameter to your blockchain instance.
  • Force keys: This more is for advanced users and requires that you know what you are doing. Here, the keys parameter is a dictionary that overwrite the active, owner, posting or memo keys for any account. This mode is only used for foreign signatures!

Obtain the first account name from public key


Return all accounts installed in the wallet database


Obtain all accounts associated with a public key


Obtain owner Active Key for an account from the wallet database


Obtain owner Memo Key for an account from the wallet database


Obtain owner Private Key for an account from the wallet database