graphenecommon.blockchainobject module

class graphenecommon.blockchainobject.BlockchainObject(data, klass=None, lazy=False, use_cache=True, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: graphenecommon.blockchainobject.Caching, dict

This class deals with objects from graphene-based blockchains. It is used to validate object ids, store entire objects in the cache and deal with indexing thereof.

classmethod cache_object(data, key=None)

This classmethod allows to feed an object into the cache is is mostly used for testing

identifier = None
static objectid_valid(i)

Test if a string looks like a regular object id of the form::


with those being numbers.

perform_id_tests = True
space_id = 1
store(data, key='id')

Cache the list

Parameters:data (list) – List of objects to cache

Alias for objectid_valid


In contrast to validity, this method tests if the objectid matches the type_id provided in self.type_id or self.type_ids

type_id = None
type_ids = []
class graphenecommon.blockchainobject.BlockchainObjects(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: graphenecommon.blockchainobject.Caching, list

This class is used internally to store lists of objects and deal with the cache and indexing thereof.


(legacy) store the current object with key key.

classmethod cache_objects(data, key=None)

This classmethod allows to feed multiple objects into the cache is is mostly used for testing

identifier = None
refresh(*args, **kwargs)

Interface that needs to be implemented. This method is called when an object is requested that has not yet been fetched/stored

store(data, key=None, *args, **kwargs)

Cache the list

Parameters:data (list) – List of objects to cache
class graphenecommon.blockchainobject.Caching(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: object

This class implements a few common methods that are used to either cache lists or dicts

classmethod clear_cache()

Clear/Reset the entire Cache


Get an element from the cache explicitly


Is an element cached?


This overwrites items() so that refresh() is called if the object is not already fetched

static set_cache_store(klass, *args, **kwargs)
class graphenecommon.blockchainobject.Object(data, klass=None, lazy=False, use_cache=True, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: graphenecommon.blockchainobject.BlockchainObject, graphenecommon.instance.AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider

This class is a basic class that allows to obtain any object from the blockchyin by fetching it through the API


This is the refresh method that overloads the prototype in BlockchainObject.