graphenecommon.genesisbalance module

class graphenecommon.genesisbalance.GenesisBalance(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: graphenecommon.blockchainobject.BlockchainObject, graphenecommon.instance.AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider

Deals with Assets of the network.

  • Asset (str) – Symbol name or object id of an asset
  • lazy (bool) – Lazy loading
  • full (bool) – Also obtain bitasset-data and dynamic asset data
  • blockchain_instance (instance) – instance to use when accesing a RPC

All data of an asset

Return type:



This class comes with its own caching function to reduce the load on the API server. Instances of this class can be refreshed with Asset.refresh().

claim(account=None, **kwargs)

Claim a balance from the genesis block

  • balance_id (str) – The identifier that identifies the balance to claim (1.15.x)
  • account (str) – (optional) the account that owns the bet (defaults to default_account)
class graphenecommon.genesisbalance.GenesisBalances(**kwargs)

Bases: list, graphenecommon.instance.AbstractBlockchainInstanceProvider

List genesis balances that can be claimed from the keys in the wallet